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A floating object placed on the leader or end of the fly line to "indicate" the take of the fly by a fish or to indicate the path of the drift of the fly. Made of materials such as floating putty, poly yarn (soaked with floatant), foam and rubber, strike indicators are very effective when nymph fishing with a slack line.
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fly reel

Fishing reel used in fly fishing to hold the fly line.
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As of spin. Middelste gedeelte van de vliegvis reel (molen). Hier wordt eerst backing (extra lijn) op gezet en daarna de vliegvis lijn.
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(1) An unnatural motion of the fly caused by the effect of the current on line and leader. Drag is usually detrimental, though at times useful ' such as imitating the actions of the adult caddis. (2) Resistance applied to the reel spool to prevent it from turning faster than the line leaving the spool (used in playing larger fish).
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A segment of a river or stream featuring slower currents and increased depths that helps protect fish from predatory birds and animals. Pools also give fish a rest from swimming against heavier currents, particularly important during spawning migrations.
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The egg-laying stage of the mayfly; overall not as important to the fly fisher as the dun stage (see Mayfly and Dun).
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b back cast

Vliegvissen bestaat uit een heen-en-weer beweging vanuit de hengel en de lijn die ervoor zorgt dat de vlieg daar terecht komt waar je hem wilt hebben. De Back Cast is een "worp" die uit wordt gevoerd wanneer de lijn en hengel zich achter je bevinden.
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Weerloze haken kun je of zo kopen of je knijpt de "barb/weerhaak" plat met een tang. Het verwijderen van de haak is hierdoor makkelijker en de vis heeft zo minder kans op verwondingen.
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catch and release

A practice within fly fishing intended as a technique of conservation. Fish should be fought quickly and never allowed to tire to the point of exhaustion to prevent injury or death. After capture, the fish is unhooked using wet hands ' or no touching if possible ' and forceps and returned to the water as quickly as possible. If necessary, resuscita [..]
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clinch knot

A universally used knot for attaching a hook, lure, swivel, or fly to the leader or line; a slight variation results in the Improved Clinch Knot, which is an even stronger knot for the above uses.
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